Puppy Yoga and Its Benefits

Oct 19, 2022 | Puppy Yoga

The new trend in health and wellness is puppy yoga, and we are all for it. Doing yoga with your dog or puppy gives you a unique chance to connect and bond with your loved one. Whether you’re a yoga expert looking for a new way to work out or if you’ve never done yoga before, puppy yoga is sure to make you smile.

To help you decide if puppy yoga suits you, we’ll go over what happens in a dog (dog yoga) class and some of the best reasons to do yoga with your dog. Check out all the information you want to know to prepare for your first class.

What Is Puppy Yoga?

As the name suggests, puppy yoga involves practicing various yoga postures while being jumped on by playful canines and grappling with other puppies. Dogs are welcome and often included in the yoga positions; when not participating, they can run around the room.

The puppies are either provided by the yoga studio or sourced from a local animal rescue. Puppies from shelters have a better chance of getting adopted than breeders, who often have their litter claimed within a few days of birth. Puppies benefit from increased socializing regardless of where they come from.

It’s best to double-check with the teacher, but an average puppy yoga class will feature 12 to 30 yogis and their canine companions. There will be pups as young as eight weeks old and as elderly as 14 weeks old in the class.

What Are The Benefits Of Puppy Yoga?

Puppy yoga isn’t just about laughing and feeling fuzzy. According to studies, ten minutes with a dog can boost your mood and reduce stress. When puppies and yoga are combined, you feel great.

Yoga reduces tension and increases tranquility. Regular practitioners know the harmony that comes when mind and body work together. When you do dog yoga, you get the body’s benefits of yoga. Yoga improves flexibility, muscle strength and tone, and weight loss.

Don’t forget the doggie perks! Love and human interaction help them develop. Any dog growing up in a home will benefit from puppy yoga. They also engage with other puppies.

What Are The Rules Of Puppy Yoga?

Although there are no hard and fast regulations for puppy yoga, you should always verify the organizer’s policies and ensure you’re comfortable with them before showing up for a class.

Typical guidelines cover minimum age, food and water requirements, and proper puppy handling. In addition, they typically offer guidelines for what to bring and what not to bring to class.

Dogs may be adorable, but they also have a nasty tendency to bite, urinate, and defecate on your belongings, so leave your valuables at home. In actuality, mats and other class necessities, like props, are typically supplied by the studio.

How To Do Puppy Yoga

Yoga with puppies is a more laid-back affair, with plenty of time for participants to pet the canine participants. Even though the primary emphasis is on proper form in puppy yoga, the practice is usually performed in a laid-back manner to prevent harm. You should always listen to your body and gradually work up to more advanced poses, but with the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher, you can’t go wrong.

Puppy yoga is a fantastic entry point. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner doesn’t matter. If you’re not ready to practice, you may always take refuge in a child’s position and pet a puppy without fear of criticism.

Top Reasons To Try Puppy Yoga 

There are a plethora of benefits to practicing yoga with your canine companion, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Fitness: If you want to get in shape in a fun and welcoming setting, try out puppy yoga is a fantastic option.
  • Improves puppy’s well-being: Dog yoga provides puppies with social stimulation by exposing them to different people and environments.
  • Good for mental health: Puppy love increases happiness and makes you feel warm and content, regardless of whether you practice yoga.
  • Meeting new people (and pups!): Puppies grow and feel better when they get to know many different people and dogs. Breeders and animal shelters often donate puppies, which increases their chances of finding a good home.

Puppy Yoga Helps Pups Socialize

For a puppy to grow up to be a happy, healthy dog, socialization is vital.

“socializing” a puppy entails introducing them to as many new and positive experiences and settings as possible at an early age. Puppy experiences the same stimuli or environment pleasantly as it ages rather than reacting negatively.

Dogs that didn’t get enough socialization as puppies are more likely to be reactive and shy than adults. They may respond to novel situations and people with fear or even hostility.

Try Out Puppy Yoga!

Dog yoga can be a great way to get in shape, make new friends, and feel calm and happy. Since yoga is so prevalent in Canada, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Canadians already love puppy yoga. 

There has never been a better time to try yoga with a puppy here at MBS Fitness!

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