How Massage Therapy Improves Brain Function

Oct 12, 2022 | Massage Therapy

Massages are ancient techniques used to loosen our tense muscles, relax our bodies and improve our overall health. There is no age to receive this treatment, and it can improve your brain function regardless.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapies manipulate the soft tissue of the body – our skin and muscles –, giving relief to our joints and circulatory system. By relaxing our body, massage therapy reduces our stress. Consequently, our body and mind also relax.

It is known that massage therapy can also improve our brains and cognitive system.

How does massage therapy improve brain function?

Massages stimulate activity on the left side of our brains. When we find ourselves in situations that make us stressed or sad, the right side of the brain is activated. The left side focuses on opposing emotions – pleasure, excitement, and happiness. Massages stimulate the left side of our brain as they calm our bodies and muscles.

It is proven that massage therapy can improve our memory and concentration. Our brain function is improved thanks to blood circulation. When our shoulders and neck muscles are tense, the circulation does not reach our brains properly – and massaging our heads can help.

What happens to your brain during a massage?

During a session of massage therapy, the muscles located in our shoulders, neck, and face relax. With the blood flow now circulating properly, this circulation goes up to our brain and, consequently, improves our focus. Also, by reducing our overall physical stress, massage therapies allow us to live more efficiently.

Our brain during a head massage receives the proper amount of oxygen it needs to function. With this, our brains process information faster and respond quicker to stressful situations – without bearing so much stress from them.

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How does massage help with mental health?

Brain massages activate and boost our levels of endorphin – our oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. With these hormones produced by our brains, we are able to control our mood swings, feel pleasure and happiness, and even achieve better sleeping patterns.

By improving our love, pleasure, and happiness hormones, consequently, our mental health also improves!

Can massage help with neurological problems?

When we massage our brains, sending oxygen thanks to good blood circulation, we are also improving our body muscles and reflexes. Neurological problems can be reduced with massage therapy and brain massage thanks to this overall muscle improvement.
Aside from increasing the endorphins in people with neurological problems, brain massages also increase tissue elasticity and cellular exchange. Tissue elasticity gives us more flexibility, and cellular exchange brings nutrients throughout our bodies instead of toxins.
With better flexibility, reduced stress, and reduced swelling or inflammation, neurological conditions can be either lessened or completely eliminated.

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